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by Mike M. on 2020-05-13

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A great example of great flavour and body without turning up the alcohol content to 11. Highly recommended

by Rachel A. on 2020-05-13

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Amazing really refreshing definitely need to brew this again A1 x

by Howard J. on 2020-05-12

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This is an excellent summer choice for those warm evenings we occasionally get. Light in colour and texture well worth a try. A 'go to option' for me every time.

by Ian N. on 2020-05-11

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Moorish 🍺

by Kev H. on 2020-05-11

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A great addition to the range. Really refreshing, bright taste, and excellent slightly chilled.

by Michael E. on 2020-05-10

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Cracking beer!

by Mark B. on 2020-05-06

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Love this one! Citrusy hoppy light and drinkable summer beer. The natural cloudiness adds to the intrigue.

by Robert Jones on 2020-05-06

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Blooming lovely

by Dan R. on 2020-05-06

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My favourite beer so far from Stealth. Nicely hoppy and didn’t last long at all. Free delivery is great and makes it great value for money plus I love keeping track of beer Santa waiting for my delivery.

by Chris Q. on 2020-05-04

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Superb Beer. Really refreshing to drink. Great work by Stealth to come up with a another version of doublecrosser might be the best in the series so far, version 1 right up there. Keep up the great work take care stay safe

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