Fresh Draught Beer

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Bag in Box

Brewery conditioned real ale in a bag in box which is ready to drink straightaway and will keep up to 2 weeks from despatch.

Available in 10L (18 pints) & 20L (36 pints)

Bag in boxes they are a superb format that keep the beer in excellent condition. We rack each order fresh from the cask on the brewery stillage. The beer is unfined and hazy and may contain sediment so place on a cool flat area for 1-2 hours before use. They are ideal for drinking at home, large parties and outside events where ease of use is paramount. Bag in boxes are utilised extensively for the on and off trade.

Bag in boxes are designed so the beer can be served immediately. To serve the bag in box should be as near to 12 °C as possible for the best results. A little colder is certainly better than too warm. The beer has a lifetime of 2 weeks from despatch, irrespective of whether they are opened or not. It is important to keep it cool. The beer is dispensed through a self-sealing push button tap - no drips, no waste. As the beer flows the bag collapses within the box. This ensures that no air is mixed with the beer.

5 Litre mini-casks

Our 5Litre mini-casks are filled with Cask conditioned real ale which can be stored unopened for up to 2 months. Once opened consume within 2-3 days. 

They still contain a small amount of yeast so place on a cool flat area for 1-2 hours before use. We recommend serving as near to 12 °C as possible.

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